Saturday, January 5, 2013

...our part in the symphony of life...

the further we advance,
the more difficult and more important
our part in the symphony of life becomes;
and the more conscious we become of this responsibilty,
the more efficient we become
in accomplishing our task.
~hazrat inayath khan

 frozen silence.
has awoken the day.
jack frost takes.
advantage of ten degrees.
to leave his signature.
on the landscape.
jack your presence is lovely.
but i will gaze upon your artwork.
from inside.
just BE.


Sylvia K said...

I love your cat!! And brave he is to be leaving his tracks in the snow! Delightful shadow shots for the day, Robin!! Hope you have a great weekend -- both of you!!

Catherine said...

Love those beautiful snow shadows....wonderful

Ralph said...

The curious kitty looks at the snow with wonderment - it is a change to explore outside in the cold from the warmth inside. Yet as the feline's curious personality means that leaping, bounding and exploring in the snow is right and necessary...a lovely cat at work!

Patti said...

Aw, nice kitty cat. He/she looks really large!

I don't blame you for staying inside when it's just 10 degrees out there!


Molly said...

Oh gosh - snow. We haven't had any here yet. Love your pictures, Robin.

Gemma Wiseman said...

This dear little one is exploring winter's symphony with gingerly tread! But curious and brave to venture on! Beautiful collection of photos!

Leah said...

Like your adventurous kitty shots. Like a kid I see she does not mind the cold.I did not venture out for winter pictures till the temperature hit 30.

Spadoman said...

Picking up where I left off many months ago, I see your shadow shot photos are still exquisite, as are your words.