Saturday, September 8, 2012

...good except for a scuff at the elbow...

She tried on every body left but they'd been pretty well picked over & all that were left were a little worse for wear. She finally settled on one that was pretty good except for a scuff at the elbow where you almost couldn't see it anyway & as she walked out into the world she remembered thinking next time I'm going to get here earlier.

it is.
when i have to get up for work.
during the week.
it is such a chore.
but when.
it's early on the weekend.
i am perfectly content.
to get up.
the dew.
is heavy on the ground.
and my choice of.
not appropriate.
as i sit here now with wet socks.
but if i didn't get up.
and venture out.
with my camera.
and inappropriate shoes.
i would have missed.
the early morning sun.
hitting this spider web.
i would have missed the shadow.
that is why.
on my days off.
i am okay with getting up early.
to try the day on.
just BE.


BLOGitse said...

I wake up normally, every day, around 7, weekends too. I love slow mornings...with coffee, a lot of coffee :)
Have a relaxing weekend!!!

Sylvia K said...

Lovely shadow shot for the day, Robin! Something soft and mysterious and beautiful! Have a beautiful weekend!

Martha Z said...

I am too lazy to get out early in the morning, I know I miss the magic of the early light and critters. sigh.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Spider, O spider, weave me a shadow! Lovely photo!

Desert Shadows at Dusk

Gemma Wiseman said...

I feel just the same way! Getting up early at weekends is exciting for photography! Monday mornings especially are a struggle! Love the detail in this artistic web! Beautiful!

Ralph said...

The usual pattern can seem to be a grind during the week, tired as we may be as we trudge off to work. The weekends though are the right time to relax a bit more - it may seem counterintuitive that on a day off we can get up early to relax - but we do :)

Lighthousegal said...

Great shot. Isn't it funny how it is easy to get up early when we know that we don't HAVE to get up.
Happy Sunday!

Chubby Chieque said...

I usually get up early on week-ends to do my morning walks and runs but with my colds and cough? I guess, I stay on bed and be lazy.

Yikes! I don't like creepers §:-) but they really gave you a cool shot and share to us. Perfection!

Enjoy your SSS2 day and have a blissful day, my dear Robin.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Robin girl !
Congratulations !! I think things are truly looking UP for you with the change in jobs, my fingers are crossed for you that you will be smiling a lot more now ? LOL
This spider web is fantastic girl !
I want to get shots like this once I start doing some Halloween decorating on my blog .. this is perfect .. I was out early too .. snooping in the garden .. cutting some hydrangea flowers .. but I didn't spy a web like this. So this was your special catch of the day girl : )
Hey .. best of luck and I really hope you enjoy what ever you do for now on!!
Joy : )

Kathe W. said...

lovely photo and post- enjoyed the story about choosing a body. What a hoot- great imagination there!