Friday, June 8, 2012 function mode again...

I remember we sat in the swing on the front porch
 & as the dusk came on us like a song, 
dark throated & sweet, 
he told me about the beginning when we had bones of light
 & hair that burned like the sun 
 I asked what happened then? &
 I felt him floating there in the soft dark 
& finally he said we forgot & I said I never would,
 but sometimes I do & 
I understand now why he put his arm around me
 & said nothing more.

i had.
three hundred photos.
that i have taken.
while my computer.
was away.
these are just some of them.
the people in computer land.
did not have to reinstall my operating system.
which is good.
now i don't have to redo everything over.
note to self.
when you are going away.
don't second guess yourself.
always unplug!!
see you all tomorrow for sss.
just BE.


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Lovely series of shots, glorious rainbow, and that kitten is just the cutest.

joanne said...

I love them all, as always, but you made me faint with the hummingbird photo.


Paula Scott said...

Yay!! All is right with the world now. It is an unexpected painful process to do without that electronic gadget, isn't it?


I see you got the double rainbow, too! For such a rare ocrurrence, I heard very little about it!