Sunday, June 10, 2012


he told me the best
way to make coffee
was to add an egg,
so i did & he looked
at the strands floating 
in his cup & decided
to have tea instead.

don't you hear it? she asked
& i shook my head no
& then she started to dance
& suddenly there was music everywhere
& it went on for a very long time
& when i finally found words
all i could say was
thank you.
..."easy like a Sunday mornin'"...
these were my views.
from the back porch rocker.
with my coffee.
this morning.
and that song whirled around.
 in my head.
i took the "mostly true" book.
by brian andreas.
from the self.
and found this second story.
this is how my Sunday morning feels.
sitting there.
with my coffee.
suddenly, there was music.
sitting there.
the music went on for a very long time.
sitting there.
the words.
thank YOU.
came to me.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


colleen said...

Beautiful crisp shots and words to go with them. I enjoyed the presentation!

Ms. Becky said...

What a wonderful greeting to my day, visiting you and reading your words, looking at your photos. I can imagine your pleasant morning feeling. I sat too - drinking in the garden view and my coffee. I'm happy we sat together. thanks for being, Robin. happy week to you.

Patti said...

Beautiful post for a peaceful Sunday morning.
I do remember that Lionel Richie song.;-)

The kitty is adorable.

Happy Sunday!

NatureFootstep said...

o, I love that kitten. So sweet it is.

EG CameraGirl said...

What a super way to enjoy a Sunday morning. Just reading about it makes me feel more relaxed. :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely combination of words and photos, such cute cats!