Sunday, June 24, 2012


this is the dandelion...i guess you would call it.
on steroids.
maybe it's a wild dandelion.
the spent weed.
is pretty 3 inches in diameter.
very cool!!!! 

i walk
without flinching
through the burning cathedral 
of the summer.
my bank of wild grass
is majestic and full of music.
it is a fire
that solitude 
presses against my lips.
~violet leduc

i once.
had a friend.
tell me.
my gardens were chaotic.
to which i replied.
that is the way i like it.
there is no rhyme or reason.
it just is.
the annuals.
are potted.
but the yucca.
the milkweed.
the wild daisy.
the queen anne's lace.
the black-eyed susans.
the tiger lilies.
they come up.
 and happily just are.
which goes a loooonggg way.
to helping me.
just be.
i mean.
look at my back deck photos.
if that doesn't.
make you stop.
and want to give thanks.
for all that is.
i don't know what to tell ya.
as the rain.
now begins to.
gently fall.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


eJoops said...

Gorgeous garden photos!

I hope you can find time to see my Soft Shadows on the Wall, have a blessed Sunday!

Shirley said...

I believe your dandelion on steroids is actually milkweed. I remember finding these in fields around the town where I grew up. We loved to blow the feathery seed heads around!

Leah said...

Thanks for your comments Robin.
Your thoughts on how your gardens appear "chaotic" yet soothe and calm vs. the "over-sprayed manicured" gardens that I spoke in my post, that to me, just look like obsessive work, struck me as one of those great ironies in life.
And yes those back deck photos made me gasp and sigh and the same time.
I am truthfully relieved you consider me your "blog twin". While
I was taking those shots yesterday I was actually thinking of you, and thinking "I hope Robin does not think I am the biggest rip off ever. It was after all your photography that inspired me use elements that I love {aka coffee& wine} along side those things I love outside.
If you are ever find yourself in upstate NY swing by.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

There's just enough wilderness in these photos to whet my appetite for more!

Blue Banderas

Angie said...

You have some great shots there! Love your blog. Thanks for the visit.

Ms. Becky said...

your secret garden is rich and whimsical -a spot where I'd like to sit a spell with my feet up, sipping a cup of tea. I love that you slipped in a couple of photos of your sweet kitties! It is very hot and dry on this side of the pond - no rain since early May. I water every day, and I'm happy that I live next to a great lake, a precious resource for sure. Today's high 94, 95 predicted for tomorrow. I pray for rain for the farmers. Glad to read you've had some gentle showers. happy week to you Robin.

robin. said...

oh, ms. becky...i'd love to have you here to sit and chat!! here's hoping rain hits your space soon!!!!


Anonymous said...

It is lovely! For me it looks very calming. Straight up pleasant. :)