Sunday, February 26, 2012


Our life is frittered away by detail . . . simplify, simplify.                                                          
  - Henry David Thoreau 

Nothing is worth more than this day.                                               
    - Goethe 

peacefulness is an inner sense of calm - it comes from becoming still - in
order to reflect and meditate on our inner wisdom and receive answers. a
peaceful heart is one that is free from worry and trouble. it's becoming quiet
so we can look at things quietly so we can more clearly understand them and
thus come up with creative solutions. 
it is learning to live in the present.
as i stepped.
this morning.
to take my first 
sip of coffee.
what came to me.
was an overwhelming.
sense of peace.
the sun was piercing the trees.
the birds, tho cold.
were singing.
there was a calm in the air.
if that is not a reason.
to be grateful.
i don't know what is.
learning to live in the present.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.



Oh my gosh...these are ALL incredible. I really can't pick a favorite; they're all that good. Excellent images. But, I must say the laundry hanging on the line makes me chilled to the bone...for no other reason than looking and the other snowy/icy images, it reminded me of my mom outdoors in winter, hanging up sheets and pillow cases - only to have them freeze online before the sun finally warmed things up.

Tina´s PicStory said...

wonderful pics! :)

laveta'splace said...

Just found your blog and I already love it. You take my kind of photos; and your words are wonderful and inspiring. I'm sure I will be back often. Come visit.

Lighthousegal said...

You have a wonderful eye for photography. The way you capture everyday items but make them look absolutely amazing. You show us the details of your subjects and help us to take a closer look at things. Love visiting your blog, it is always Amazing!!

colleen said...

These go to the heart, are elegant in their simplicity.

Beverley Baird said...

Such gorgeous shots you took! Love them all! Always love the words you share as well!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Nothing nicer than the quiet of the morning, my favourite time of the day.

Great series of shots.Love the little house, is it a playhouse?

Laura said...

Oh Robin, I feel deep peace looking at your if I am right there with you. BEAUTIFUL!

sarayutouched said...

@nana...that is an outhouse that i use to store my clay pots and summer yard items...

thanks to all who stopped by and left such sweet messages...

Leah said...

Great shots...these perfectly depict peace. Love the shot with the pristine snow and the sun coming through the trees the most.
Now that it is light out by 6:30am I find myself venturing out early too..cold and all...with cup of coffee...just need to feel the fresh air and see the sunrise after three months of dark hibernation.
Thanks for sharing