Wednesday, February 29, 2012

...10 truths...

textured twice with kim klassen's happy heart.
as part of kim's class 'beyond layers'-she challenged us to
reveal 10 things about ourselves.

10 truths.
*one thing that i could not do without.
*one of the things that brings me here.
*there is nothing better than getting up before everyone else-
going out on the back deck and having.
*and when i have that coffee i tend to sit with-
my old friend. my.
rocking chair.
*tho i love my family. i also love.
alone time.
*one thing that truly moves me.
and allows my spirit to soar.
*one place where one can get lost in their thoughts.
as the tide takes those thoughts away.
*the smell and newness of life that this brings.
rain showers.
*the familiar song that leaves for a while-
but always comes back.
a robin birds song.
*the happiness that this brings to my heart-
in watching it grow.
*my mantra-
just BE.

ps. after reading everyone's amazing truths...i decided on one more.
i have a very strong dislike for the new word verification. it is stealing the joy of reading and commenting.


Cathy said...

Your truths are wonderful. We have a lot in common. Coffee alone on the deck, three children, the beach and alone time! And your pictures are wonderful.

nancyjean said...

wonderfully done! i agree about so many...alone time, the back porch, coffee, and esp. the beach! thank you for sharing.

Kathy said...

Fantastic creativity. You and I share mantras :)

Karen Harvey Cox said...

This is so lovely. I love your 10 truths.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

These are wonderful, what a great idea to have your 10 truths.

geetlee said...

thanks for sharing :) i haven't yet worked on this assignment but now feel very tempted!

SD ~ Dawning Inspiration said...

Great list - I'd adore a rocking chair on a back deck with a cup of vanilla coffee. Enjoy some tomorrow for me! Thanks for the visit to my blog!

Angie said...

You have the most beautiful way of expressing your truths. I loved reading them all. And what a lovely blog you have. I must follow you. :)

Happy Sunday,

Angie :)

Annie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I love yours and will be back :)