Sunday, December 11, 2011


God bless the world!!!

i was thinking of this...
"they were all so happy they could hardly speak at first.
they just looked with shining eyes at those
lovely Christmas presents.
but laura was happiest of all.
laura had a rag doll.
she was a beautiful doll.
she had a face of white cloth with
black button eyes.
a black pencil had made her eyebrows,
and her cheeks and her mouth were
red with ink made from pokeberries.
her hair was black yarn
that been knit and raveled
so that it was curly.
she has little red flannel stockings
and little black cloth gaiters for shoes,
and her dress was pretty pink and blue calico.
she was so beautiful that laura could not say a word."
"laura sat down on the edge of her bed
and held her doll.
she loved her red mittens and she loved the candy,
but she loved her doll best of all.
she named her charlotte."
from little house in the big woods
~laura ingalls wilder

my grandpa arden.
is in one of the photos.
my grandpa herman and
my grandma byers
are represented by the bird ornaments.
as they were from my grandma.
i loved reading the laura ingalls wilder books
when i was growing up.
how simple life was back then.
how grateful they were for
the small things in life.
we decorated the tree
and the house this weekend.
i couldn't help but think back to my
seasons of Christmas
as a child.
with my family around.
what treasured memories they are.
thank you ms. wilder.
for warming the depths of my soul.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.

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Molly said...

I loved that little exert you included Robyn. I have sweet memories of my darling mum making me a rag doll for Christmas just after the war. She was ill with TB at the time She hastily hid the little doll under her pillow .. and I found it.
The simplest things are so precious