Saturday, October 15, 2011

...seeing beauty in a multiplicity of patches...

"young lovers seek perfection.
 old lovers learn the art of sewing shreds together
and of seeing beauty in a multiplicity of patches."
 from the movie
How to Make an American Quilt 1995
today fall
is presenting it's ugly side.
cold, wet, windy.
the leaves.
are void of their.
vibrant color.
it is a good day to spend.
with a quilt.
it's a good day to check out shadows.
from around the world.
a quilt will warm your body and comfort your soul. 
 ~author unknown
just BE.


Ralph said...

The lack of color in these shots seem to imply the end of useful life, the function now gone. But not I, the fallen leaf itself merely shows us that the cycle of life is continuous. If the leaves do not become dormant and fall, would we be as hopeful in anticipating the new leaves in the Spring? What seems gone now is an affirmation of life. Leaves anew we will still admire in their time...

Cassie said...

Cold, wet, windy...are you here too?? hehe. That's an interesting quote. True. Happy SSS.

Spadoman said...

My youngest daughter was given a quilt when she was born. We used it in her crib and as she got older, she carried this "blankie" with here everywhere. It was threadbare after years of genuine use.
One night, she dropped the quilt out of her crib abd woke nup crying. We found out the next morning that the maker and giver of the quilt, one of Mrs. Spadoman's aunties, had died. She still has the quilt and will never part with it. She is 34 now.
Love your quilt photos.


BLOGitse said...

I don't have quilt but I have woolen socks made by my mother! :)

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Love that quote...I think I've always been an "old lover". Lovely photos :)