Sunday, October 9, 2011


Be Mindful of the Moment
 Neil Harding McAlister
The here and now is all we hold through times of joy and sorrow.
We may watch fulsome years unfold -- or may not see tomorrow.
Be mindful of the moment. Pay attention to each one.
The past has fled beyond our grasp, the future’s yet to come.

There is no way to measure what ensuing days might bring,
So seize the utmost pleasure found in every daily thing.
The road of life is far too short: no need to travel fast.
Investigate the wonders that lie strewn along the path.

The tender leaves on springtime trees, rough pebbles on the ground,
The snowflakes drifting on the breeze that fall without a sound,    
Are all unique and precious, if we take the time to see.                
No two have been identical in all eternity.

Is this not true of people too? Be mindful, then, of each.
Both strangers and those close to you have useful things to teach.
The two of us part richer if we pass the time of day,
And don’t just brush each other off, then hurry on our way.

Preoccupied by urgent schemes of business, love or power,
By gambling on our future dreams, we lose the present hour.
A life is forged of moments linked together like a chain.
Live each in full -- for down this road we shall not pass again.

 many great moments.
were shared yesterday.
a beautiful october day.
spending time with sarah.
family time.
i love you(s).
it is the moments.
that add up.
to the memories.
it is the moments.
for which we are blessed with.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


Spadoman said...

Nice poem. I like the second to the last paragraph, as I have taken this action in my every day life lately. Interacting with people, offering a smail and a "Good Morning" or "Hello".
Your photos are great. I have comments on a few of them:
1) Love it!
2) I'd like to weave a Dream Catcher in a tree or cluster of trees like this. One that will be alive and life size.
4) Is that the Phantom of the Opera in that photo? What beautiful shadowings in the center background!

and the last, "Is that cup of coffee for me?" Thank you.

Much Peace sent your way.

sarayutouched said...

you are welcome to that cup of coffee spadoman...thanks for stopping by!!

forgetmenot said...

Lovely post. The pictures are beautiful and meaningful, and your poems and thoughts are always wise, inspiring, and worth paying attention to. Have a lovely week. Micke :)

BLOGitse said...

That last picture is cool - even if it's fall enjoy a cup coffee outside. (where it always tastes best!)
Have a good rest of the week!

Eaton Bennett said...

I love the tone of your photos... always sense a contented atmosphere. :))