Saturday, March 13, 2010


the miser who hoards his wealth
but neglects the more important
values of life
is a figure rightly disdained
in folklore and literature.
trying to hold on to the moment
is similarly desperate.
instead appreciate the unfolding wealth
of life as it presents itself to your experience.
the moment passes;
beauty fades;
life follows its eternal cycle of
birth, death and rebirth.
let precious moments pass into memory,
without regret.
and don't spend your life in the memory- vault
fondling the accumulated riches
you've stored there-
search out and welcome fresh moments
instead of reliving stale ones.
1,001 ways to live in the moment
today is a day of
a day of
a day of
you will find more at
enjoying picking out your fresh moment today.
just BE.


Ralph said...

The view is stunning and offers nice contrasts - the close-up of the large shadow is impressive. Yet the sun has wash out the vegetation beyond, and the pale look is equally impressive - the shadows we see, the distance beckons with a lovely sunny day, Nice!

Sweet Repose said...

...and a day of thought...a weekend...though I work 24-7, it is an honor to do what I love, so my work a day isn't's a day in the life and I am happy to breathe another!

Cloudy and cold, drizzling and flooding...oh yes, it must be March!

Have a glorious weekend lil' sister...give Tilda a big ol' Ioway hug for me!!!


Sylvia K said...

Always love your shadow shots and your words that always speak to me and today is no exception, Robin! Have a lovely, laughter filled weekend!


Laura Hegfield said...

Today is one of inner light for me...outside the world looks quite dreary and dark...another storm on the way...but when it passes, the sun will be glorious...this I KNOW.

gentle steps

Greyscale Territory said...

Love the soft shadow in your image and the macro angle! I am still trying to work out just what it is! At first I thought it was an odd tree branch and then an old rusty pipe! But then there appear to be some kind of fan blade shapes there too! But hey! Intrigue in an image makes a great image! Happy weekend!

Hot Fudge said...

What a beautiful image, perfectly captured.

Joops said...

Nice one!

Sunny Outdoor Shadows

sarayutouched said...

ralph~i love how the background fades out while i zoom in on my target.

sister repose~i hear ya on the "creek is rising" water and mud is the name of our country road...

Slyvia~thank you...i never know what i am going to use for words...they just jump out at me as i page thru the book.

Laura~it is wonderful to have "this I know" moments...those are the sustaining moments.

GT~it is a macro image of a dragonfly in my garden...

hot fudge~thank you for your words and for stopping by...

Cassie said...

I welcome fresh moments, but hold on to with fondness past memories.

Nice Shadow Shot!

LDH said...

Hi Robin! So nice to meet you! I am enjoying neutrals in my world lately and love the shades in this photo! I perused a few of your posts and enjoyed visiting!

Kindly, ldh

Hey Harriet said...

Oh goodie! I had guessed it was a dragonfly before reading your response to Gemma! I so rarely guess right! Love the rusty metal! And those words are just perfect! Have yourself a wonderful week!

sarayutouched said...

Joops...thanks for stopping by.

Cassie...i agree with having the memories...wouldn't trade them...just thinking this is talking about living in the moment sometimes...not forgetting to enjoy the here and now.

LDH~so glad you ventured by as well. neutrals are great!!

hey tracy~great were right on the mark...the angle of the capture was a little deceiving. hope you have a great week!!

Martha Z said...

As usual, wonderful words. Sometimes I need to be reminded of what I know to be true.

Patti said...

Those leaves almost look like a giant insect.

Oh! just read your response to Gemma. It is a dragonfly..I am glad I had a clue. haha Sometimes I can't figure out a photo.

I think we all need to welcome fresh moments instead of reliving stale ones.