Monday, March 15, 2010

...every now and then...

when it couldn't be more appreciated...
a package came.
it came in the most thoughtful
packaging one could imagine...
a delicate spring floral pouch
housing the most amazing
bracelets i've seen.
each bead and charm
hand picked...
" one of the most special things about making these particular bracelets
was having someone special in mind to make them for... "
"one is a really cute hand (which you can see in one of the photos) with a spiral in it...
because you are an occupational therapist and a photographer...
when i saw this charm it just screamed out at me to choose this...
the hand of a healer and an artist..."
"one is a bird, one is a flower and one is a leaf...
your photography so inspires me for so many reasons...
and we are both connected to one another through our photography
and through so much of what we both love to photograph..."
the words of the artist to me.
the artist, my friend...joanne
because of the world of blogging
we have become friends.
we share a connection...
we haven't met face to face...but we don't have to
we just know each other.
that, to me, is the coolest thing EVER.
she is a talented photographer and mixed media artist
the words escape me on how
blessed i feel to have this
amazing woman
she is just starting in this space
please stop by and visit her.
before you go to sleep at night,
or whenever you have
a few quiet moments,
summon up one
of the most treasured people
in your life
and mentally express
your thanks to them.
summon up two,
and stage an imaginary dialogue
of beautiful souls.
what better preparation for restful,
every now and then...
all is good with the world.
just BE.


Martha Z said...

What a thoughtful gift, something to be treasured.

joanne said...

what can i say... i'm at a loss (so unusual for me i know!!!)... i feel every bit the same way about you, and can only once again fumble around for something, and say a simple "thank you" ...

Laura Hegfield said...

So beautiful (Joanne is indeed a gifted artist, as are you Robin!)...this is one of the amazing things about blogging isn't it? The way it connects hearts around the globe in deep, real and meaningful ways? The bedtime practice you have introduced is in total alignment with the metta practice I am engaged in these days...ahh once again I am aware that the universe is in perfect alignment.

gentle steps,

Sweet Repose said...

Isn't it amazing how these simple blogs can connect so many souls on so many levels...thanks for the calming suggestions before are a treasure Robin and one I'm glad to know, though we've never met...