Sunday, March 28, 2010


good friends of ours have a son who is graduating this year.
this took me back friday night, to my son's graduation.
three years ago.
never mind three years ago.
what about twenty-one years ago when he was born.
where does this time go.
i was looking back through an album i made for him.
an album that people signed at his open house.
i'm not going to lie...tears rolled down my cheeks.
i have added several "stories" in this album. life lessons if you will.
for him to look back on when the time was right. when he needs to take it in.
one of the "life lessons" is this
i guess i needed to take this in too.
very good words to breathe in. and as i sat out on the deck this morning.
with my cup of coffee, with the coolness of 34 degrees nipping
at my feet covered only with crocs. sitting still in my rocking chair.
breathing in the sound of the car on our old country dead end road.
breathing in the sound of the happy robins,
red wing black birds and the lone cardinal.
i think how wonderful it is that i can just sit here, in stillness.
i will not apologize for spending way to
much time in this simple act of
observing and breathing in my surrounds.
breathing in the memories of the past twenty-one years of him.
breathing in the proud moments of watching her grown into a beautiful young women.
breathing in the moments of an eleven year old who delights me with his wide-eyed innocence.
breathing in the man who has been my best friend for more than twenty-five years.
breathing in the fact that the only thing that matters at this moment is
family, friends and memories.
not all the crap going on the big world.
family, friends and memories.
the sound of the amazon rainforest
playing in the background and blue laying on my lap as i type this.
that is what i am breathing in...
and because i am lucky...
i am not holding my breath...
i am letting
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.

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Sweet Repose said...

You brought a tear to my eye, my sweet young friend...too often we take so much for granted. I'm so glad knowing that it's the little things that make me smile and the memories of a mother...they can't take that away.

As we lose more and more of our freedoms as a society, I am comforted in the fact that a simple bird song and wind chime can make me forget it all.

Your comments always make me hungry for a cup of coffee...time to put down the shovel and git ta rockin' with bare toes pushin' my stride!

Thanks for just being you Robin!!!

Hey Tilda, bet my toes are dirtier than yers!!!