Monday, November 2, 2009

...last glimpse...

afternoon we
with sun...
the violets
i found under
the back deck
and the mum,
after all the cold weather...
i can't believe still has a flower.
SNOW is the forecast for the next couple of days...
with 60's on the weekend.
makes dressing for coffee
on the deck
just BE.


Martha Z said...

It's always nice to find a few tough blossoms to reminds us that spring will come. Nice shots.

Sharmila said...

I love this saying: just BE robin. ;) it reminds me of a saying I faintly remember from a book and a photo found otherwise that reminded me of that saying.. I think this is a divine message for me tonight, so thank you so much! ;) Namaste! ~Sharmila

sarayutouched said...

Martha...if i could put a glass dome over those violets and keep them safe and warm throughout the cold weather...i would. their little happy faces make me smile.

Sharmila...thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. i am a simple girl, from a small town who is tired of all the big world crap...i decided this year to just BE. despite many road blocks this year i am promising myself i will continue to just world, and taking photographs is helping greatly in this department. hope to see you back again. ~~namaste~~