Friday, November 20, 2009


i have an overwhelming sense of gratitude.
truly-right to the brim
starting to trickle down in sweet, pure
droplets over the side...
full of gratitude.
life is not about me.
life is about absorbing the light and spirit and goodness in others
then letting it shine through me.
i am so grateful for the kindred spirits i have
been drawn to or those who have
found their way to me.
to be drawn to
those who share a common desire to
just BE
in the midst of this angry, greedy world
that has lost sight of the things that really matter.
drawn together in blogworld.
"blogworld" is patting itself on the back for "thinking up" this concept.
i prefer to think it's the masterful hand of the Higher Being that
is smiling down on us for the good works that
are happening all over the world
between like spirits.
a quiet uprising of light
in a world
covered by darkness.
newest blogger friend Laura
is wanting her people to ask their people to share a
quote of gratitude...
in time for Thanksgiving...
even if you don't celebrate the day as we will be in the US next week.
won't you share a quote or express your feelings of gratitude
in a posting here so that i can pass it onto Laura.
i am going to share something from Laura
that has resonated with me.
...she is a beautiful spirit...

"It all comes down to choosing to let go and just be with whatever current reality is present. "reality" is always we must be flexible in our trunks/core and bend with humility and allow our feet/roots to remain planted while our branches reach toward others toward the light of God." ~laura hegfield
my pictures
from a single drop of rain
to a single profile
maybe shaking, maybe lacking confidence-
to standing strong,
with many.
together we can.
together we are enough.
what an awesome thought...
leave me a post.
or serious.
a few lines
or several lines.
about what you are grateful for.
leave me a post.
let's let our light continue to shine.
just BE.


deb did it said...

I am thankful and grateful for the love, patience and committment that I receive from my beloved Matt. I have finally been set free to be completely me,and still be loved at the end of each and every single day. Love. just love.

sarayutouched said...

and those of us that visit your blog can feel the love you have for Matt, your family, your friends...your life. thanks for sharing deb!! you rock!!