Sunday, November 15, 2009


walking into the sunlight filled field
with the weeping willow slowly dancing in the warm breeze,
the lake smooth on the surface even though
underneath life flourishes,
off in the distance there is a deer running back into the woods.
always dreaming of the simplicity of that life,
sitting in this picture perfect landscape
thinking to myself.
why must we make life so difficult?
every once in awhile you need to stop and enjoy the scenery,
because life isn’t about how much power you have
or how many friends you have,
life is about trying to find what makes you happy
and not getting caught up in the everyday nonsense.
this field put everything into perspective,
if you rush through life and never stop to look around
have you ever really lived?
by Craig Wharem
opening day of deer season today.
i did not venture out
far with the camera.
it's serious business around here,
deer hunting.
in these tough times...
it's not just about the sport of hunting
but the necessity of feeding ones family.
and if you were able to obtain
more than one...
you share with your family
or a neighbor.
that's just what you do.
we help each other.
love one another.
just BE.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Robin! I enjoyed each one of your wonderful photos today. Thank you for sharing! LOVE the banner also!!

Laura Hegfield said...

lovely...I am a vegetarian, and blessed with plenty of food...we have deer running though our woods daily...they are protected here...but you have made me think about them as food for the hungry...part of circle of life...I don't like hunting...but when you speak of it as sharing food with hungry neighbors...that changes everything...a new perspective.

thank you for that. Gorgeous photos as always.

sarayutouched said...

Laura~unfortunately taking a deer is feeding families...many times people are taking them throughout the year to survive. that's why i say that hunting is not so much for sport but survival. i am sorry to bring up such a sensitive subject...but this is a season of life that many are facing...