Tuesday, October 6, 2009

...rainy tuesday...

why is it.
that the rain
beating hard on the roof.
does not sound
as sweet
as it does in
just BE.


joanne said...

it is so hard for me to remember the sounds of a beating rain... it's been so long... and there is that part of me that longs so much to hear it... and yet, to know that living in your part of the country also means it is a sign of more to come, of the long cold winter ahead, and feeling like you were just coming out of the cold, only to be reminded of the return yet again... those warm moments of sunshine seemed fleeting... too short... and somehow with aging the days seem to whirl by so incredibly fast... as if the winter days grow longer and the summer days grow shorter... odd how that seems...

now i'm blabbering on... but i do wish for a cup of cocoa or tea on your porch, wrapped up in something warm, listening to the rain, and watching you take pictures :)


madrekarin said...

Ah, yes, rain. I have the same spotted view out of my windows here. However, I just noticed the first brilliant bits of sunlight poking through the clouds. It might be a nice day afterall.
Hopefully the sun will shine upon you as well.

deb did it said...

Robin, you truly know how to make rain look so very sexy!