Sunday, October 4, 2009


even if something is left undone,
everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn. ~elizabeth lawrence

"i know the year is dying,
soon the summer will be dead.
i can trace it in the flying
of the black crows overhead;
i can hear it in the rustle
of the dead leaves as i pass,
and the south wind's plaintive sighing
through the dry and withered grass.
ah, 'tis then i love to wander,
wander idly and alone,
listening to the solemn music
of sweet nature's undertone;
wrapt in thoughts i cannot utter,
dreams my tongue cannot express,
dreams that match the autumn's sadness
in their longing tenderness."
- Mortimer Crane Brown, Autumn Dreams
a blanket
of calm.
is coming.
but before that
summer will leave in a blaze of glory.
walk with me won't you.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


Vicki ~ FL said...

Great shots....particularly love the potting shed(?) photo ....

Martha Z said...

Beautiful, as usual.

madrekarin said...

Your past few posts have truly struck a chord within me. :) Love the potting shed shot and the wagon wheel. Hope fall ahngs around a while for you.