Sunday, August 16, 2009

...on this day... 8.17...i will marry my friend...

twenty four years ago we danced to Faithfully by journey
last year journey brought us this.
this year we will dance to this.


"i robin, take you brian
to be my
partner and friend for life.
to share all my burdens with,
to share all my joys with,
to trust and confide in
to love, honor and cherish..."
here's to dancing to this on our 75th!!
Happy Anniversary baby.
I love you!!!


Anonymous said...

You are the most beautiful human being I know, and I am SO blessed to get a "good morning" kiss from my best friend every single day. Happy Anniversary, Robin. I love you!

joanne said...

wow... every time i come here now i get misty eyed in all the most wonderful ways...

happy happy anniversary to you both... 24 years... a whole lifetime in itself, and so much to look forward to, and to cherish in this very moment, right now...

gorgeous photos, beautiful words... thank you for sharing your heart and your world :)

Sweet Repose said...

Hang on while I get a kleenex(or 3) wishes to both of you sweet friends. I have not known you long lil' Robin, but your honesty and your take on life has struck a cord close to mine...and Brian, I don't know you at all, but your answer to your beautiful wife's post is all I need to know you too are a dear friend.

...and my wish to you both is that you WILL dance to the 75th year...just wish I could be here to witness...but then again...I will be, on a different plain, dropping rose-colored maple leaves in your honor.

Your honor to each others love is a special gift to be cherished...I wish you many more days of peace and harmony!

Happy Anniversary!!!

Chris said...

How awesome. I married my best friend too, but we've only been for 14 years so far.

Happy anniversary! I hope it was memorable!

Jane ... said...

Happy anniversary to you both-=-what a beautiful tribute you each have shared!

I've been married to my BF for 39 years already. Each day is new and exciting.

I wish you many happy years ahead! The best is yet to be ...

deb did it said...

you two are so darn beautiful, in love, fabulous, wonderful...HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY