Sunday, August 30, 2009


you have to stop
and look
at the view
from ground level
in order
to see things clearly.
as we close out
this chapter of
we look to september...
september's song
is a two part harmony,
as summer's lighthearted serenade ends
and a deeper melody begins.
for eight months
we've plowed and sowed the soulful seeds
of gratitude, simplicity, order and harmony
into our lives.
now an authentic harvest of contentment waits to be gathered in
as the fifth simple abundance principle --beauty--
beckon us to partake in her bounty.
begin to reap the rich harvest that love hath sown.
~borrowed from simple abundance:a book of comfort and joy
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.

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Sweet Repose said...

Hey girl, I'm finally home from work and love your new header...I'm just enraptured today with the spirit of human of my good grooming customers came by the house yesterday with a crew of tree cutters and said that they were getting their trees(Chinese elms)cut down because of the dangers of hitting the house, they knew I was scared to death about mine hitting the house, but they knew I had no money for luxuries, so they told me their crew was going to cut down mine too...YEOWZA...and I wasn't going to pay them a dime...he gave me a huge hug and said it's not my doing, it's the work of the Lord...

The reason I am so grateful, the other night at bedtime, I asked the Universe for a little help and felt instantly at ease and fell right to sleep...and I also got two new big soap accounts...

Gratitude, simplicity, order and harmony...need I say more...I am truly blessed and thankful for the little things and the joy they bring to my life...not only that, but I can finally see the stars from the swing on my porch in my lil' pink shack, on my piece of paradise(Scratchy's too)...

Life is good and so was the java...

Hey Tilda, love the story of the eyeballs...but how true it is!!

Goodnight girls!