Thursday, August 27, 2009 you see what i see...

i had
take a picture
this tree before
you no longer see
what the
do you see what i see?
just BE.
8.30.09 is a dragon. the neighborhood kids are all in longer "cook's road" or "powell's road" it's dragon road.


Chris said...

Great, now I'll be singing that christmas carol in my head all night.....thanks! ;)

Looks like a wild boar's head to me. But could also see an alligator or dragon.

I'm going to feel real silly if the correct answer is "It's a espesmium laterus maximus oak that I found walking today, it's a rare tree."


Lori R. said...

It looks like one of those characters on one of the new shows that just came out not too long ago. Digital cartoon, at the theater,,,, can't think of it... I need kids around so I can be up on these things!

madrekarin said...

A dragon's head. Which, I would imagine, lends just the right amount of excitement when you walk down that road.

My word verification is pookedl. Maybe that is the dragon's name. :)

Sweet Repose said...

I'm with everyone else...I see a dragons head too...and no, his name is 'folopsap'(word verif.)...'pookedl' is what he leaves behind in your yard or on the roof...ha!

Are we a sick bunch or what...

See ya tomorrow, I'll have the coffee a brewin'...hey Tildy...!


Tilda said...

well I know exactly where that tree is and drive past it every few days and I have NO idea what the kids are seeing. Perhaps a dragon head. But then these are the same kids who thought the old photograph of the woman( from the 1800's) eyes followed them around the room when they were in there with I give up. What did they see?
Tilda, the confused

Paula Scott said...

Immediately! It is a dragon!