Friday, December 29, 2017

...Just BE. sunlight...

In my dream, I was in my grandma’s kitchen & she said What have you done to deserve joy & I couldn’t come up with anything & she laughed & said Let this be a lesson to you & then she gave me a cookie that tasted like salt air & warm sunlight & the quiet you feel when you sit next to the one you love & then I woke up & the first thing I remember thinking was I need to ask for that recipe.

two items i received at Christmas.
They fill my heart with love and light.
as we head into this new year.
may you find your word.
that gives you power.
to find your peace.
just BE. 

i hope you will join me.
today and every friday.
join me in this space to.
just BE.
shake off the ugly.
bask in the moments.
breathe in the truth.
and beauty.
that is there.
if you just look.

thanks for joining me.
invite your friends...
let's make the movement to
just BE.

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Klara S said...

Happy New Year!