Sunday, September 30, 2012


 the progression of her path...learning how to use her wings.


in our life there is a single color,
 as on an artist's palette,
 which provides the meaning of life and art.
 it is the color of love.
~marc chagall

the colors.
are simply stunning.
i sat under a tree.
this morning.
with my cup of coffee.
with the leaves.
cascading to the ground.
and an old friend.
came to me.
in an unlikely form.
she sought me out.
putting her front paws.
on the footrest.
before she gently.
moved to my lap.
this is very uncharacteristic of her.
i held my hand .
on her belly.
as she purred.
i closed my eyes.
and said good morning.
to blue.
(thank you blue bear)
these are the signs.
that bring.
and harmony.
and color.
to my world.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

...a sunflower...

There are lots of variations on the Greek Myth Origin Story about the Sunflower. This is the Greek Myth of Clytie (also Clytia) which supposedly tells how the sunflower came into existence. In fact, the original story of Clytie, the water nymph, was not actually about the sunflower at all but a flower named 'Turnsole.' It seems that more modern tellings of the story have substituted the turnsole for sunflower. Some versions of the story name the heliotrope or a marigold as the flower. Nevertheless, the Greek myth is a charming tale and fits the sunflower beautifully.

Clytie, the water nymph, was in love with Apollo, the Sun God. She would stare up at Apollo, hoping he would glance her way. But Apollo was in love with someone else and never did favor Clytie with his gaze. When Clytie realised that Apollo was never going to return her love, she sank into a depression and would not eat or drink for nine days but just stare with sorrow at her unrequited love. The other Gods felt sorry for Clytie and they transformed her into a beautiful sunflower which always followed the path of the sun.

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It's what sunflowers do." ~ Helen Keller

what gorgeous colors.
such subtle shadows.
just BE.

Monday, September 24, 2012 shoot...

emma says.
go up into.
robin goodenow-photography.
to see our wonderful.
day together.
just BE.

...the real deal...

this is where.
i spent.
shadow shot Sunday 2
and Sunday morning coffee hour.
in pennsylvania.
at Farm Aid.
it was such a wonderful experience.
brent james and the contraband.
if you haven't listened yet...
please do.
because next year.
at Farm Aid.
when they are on the BIG stage.
you can sing along.
just BE.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 the sun sets...

is realizing.
that dusk has crept in.
and it's only 8:30.
to that.
i will go kicking and screaming.
into the darkness.
who's with me?
just BE.

...everybody's dancing in place...

my grandmother used to say life was so much easier when you were simple minded. It's taken me almost my whole life to understand what she meant. 

we always thought she was riding backwards until the day she pointed out that the horse didn't really have any idea which way he was going either. (going forward sometimes takes a long time going back, she said.) ~storypeople 

everybody's dancing in place because they don't want to mess up the house since it just got cleaned~storypeople

i say.
go ahead.
and dance.
so this is what one does.
when they don't go to work.
they take pictures.
of natures beauty.
i say.
go ahead.
and dance.
just BE.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

...he sees all sorts of colors...

i have a friend who reads people's auras. he sees all sorts of colors like green & red & purple. he says anyone can do it. all it takes is forgetting everything you think you know & just looking. i've tried it & even though i haven't seen any colors yet, everyone i meet looks so beautiful when i stop knowing everything, that it's pretty hard to go back to the old way.

isn't it interesting.
that the morning.
after it has rained.
plus the addition of cooler temperatures.
can change the look.
of the landscape.
from summer to fall.
just BE.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


i knew a man in college who grew up in the inner city of chicago & what he was doing in iowa i never did figure out. but whenever he would see a jet trailing across the sky, he would stop everything he was doing & he would watch. once, after a jet was gone & there was nothing left but the white line disappearing like a scar into the blue, he turned to me & said, an airplane is a miracle & i didn't give it much thought, but now & then, when i am ready to give up hope for human beings in general, & for one or two of them who are bugging me specifically, i will look to the sky & there will be one of those miracles & i will remember it's all about concentrating on the right thing.

running slightly behind.
this morning.
we were out of town.
on our way home.
we picked up some.
i happily was placing them
about the backyard.
it is a lovely fall day.
and it took my attention away.
from coffee hour.
as you can tell.
i have an infatuation with storypeople.
as i browsed through.
their stories.
this one caught my eye.
stuff happened this past week.
the kind of stuff that.
"makes you ready to give up hope.
for human beings in general."
but when you look up.
and you dust off that "stuff".
and if you let yourself.
you can see.
the miracles that just are.
a new day.
a fresh start.
true friendships.
the clean air of possibilities.
leave that other "stuff".
wallowing in it's own misery.
where it belongs.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this glorious Sunday day.
just BE.