Sunday, July 29, 2012



they are survivors.
they walk.
they give.
so that... 
these ones...
may not have to endure. 
the life changing words.
you have cancer.
she gave her hair.
so someone will have it again.

this is the beautiful face of a survivor. 
as the sun sets.
the luminaries will glow.

(my dad's parents)
and a silent lap was taken.
for those we have lost.
for those who will never be forgotten. 
(my mom's dad) 

welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

...shadow shot...

when i was 5,
he said, my family
forgot and left me at the fair.
i wandered around in the
bright sounds and smells of hot sawdust
and cotton candy for hours.
it was already too late by the time
my parents found me.
i haven't been fit for a decent society since.

up, up and away.
in my beautiful,
my beautiful balloon.
love how the soft 
shadows hide in the folds.
i was part of.
relay for life.
last night.
this was at dusk.
what a beautiful day.
i hope you are having the same.
just BE.

Sunday, July 22, 2012



we cannot create observers
 by saying "observe," but by giving them
 the power and the means
 for this observation and these means
 are procured through education of the senses.
 ~Maria Montessori  (Italian Physician and Educator1870-1952)
that is what.
this morning is.
every time i sit on the deck really.
breathing in.
my surroundings.
being fully aware.
of all my senses.
feeling so blessed.
that i live in this space.
that all my senses.
are able to come alive.
just by sitting.
and observing.
if i did not.
take this time.
to sit and observe.
i would have missed.
this caterpillar.
i delight in these little beings.
the first photo.
is what i initially saw.
off my right shoulder.
the second.
is gently stepping through.
the foliage.
to get a closer shot.
these are the moments.
that i cherish.
Sunday morning.
His creation.
my camera.
and me.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.

Saturday, July 21, 2012 doubt doesn't mean to fail...

traditional zen training deemed three qualities
necessary in a student:
great faith,
great doubt,
and great effort.
imagine yourself as dedicated to your path
as a zen student.
don't forget that to doubt doesn't mean to fail:
it may just be another step 
on your journey toward faith.
~1001 ways to live in the moment

we need rain.
so no complaints.
that i don't have a shadow.
to catch today.
i know that there was sun.
out there this week for others.
go take a look.
just found this...
"fill your paper with the breathings of your heart"
william wordsworth
LOVE that.
love this journey we call life!!!
(happy sigh)
just BE.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


sometimes i see myself as a child in a rain storm,
 running around trying to catch all the drops in his mouth.
 i long for your adventures
 to be like the raindrops
 the child saves and not those which crash to the ground.

the first drops of rain always bring a smile on our faces. 
the smell of wet soil, the damp grass, 
and the slosh of puddles under our feet
 make us want to dance with wanton joy.
 rains make a heart go romantic.
 ever danced in the rain?
 the feeling is inexplicably beautiful.
 hold your sweetheart's hand 
and walk in the rains while the clouds play cupid.

the rain.
kissed the earth.
quenching it's overdue thirst.
the earth was not ready.
for the rain to be done.
but it chooses.
not to be greedy.
but grateful for what it  received.
may we give thanks.
with a grateful heart.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

...razzasque days...

The 2nd weekend in July is LeRoy's annual celebration, Razzasque Days. Friday is Kid's Day with the children's theme parade in the morning and games in the park after lunch. Saturday morning is the grand parade complete with floats, big trucks, tractors, and entertainment followed by a chicken BBQ and entertainment in the village park. Both days have multiple events occurring such as, softball, golf, and horseshoe tournaments, kid's games, food booths, vendors, car shows, and many other activities throughout the day. Night life is highlighted by the street dance and adult beverage tent with live entertainment each evening. For a complete schedule of events, visit the LeRoy Razzasque Days website.

small town usa.
big heart.
much spirit!
just BE.

...a heartening symbol of destiny...

we always feel fortunate when we see a rainbow-
partly on account of its majesty,
partly because it tells of sunshine after rain.
it's also a heartening symbol of destiny-
the belief that there's a path,
even if we cannot know what lies
at the end of it.
sometimes we might be lucky enough
to see a double rainbow.
one arc inside another,
with the colors arranged in reverse order.
think of any rainbow as a blessing-
the laws of physics translated into 
a moment of transcendent beauty
we can all understand and rejoice in.
~1001 ways to live in the moment

much has happened.
this morning.
since i started this post.
i was going to say.
that i had to archive.
because the morning.
looked like rain.
and it did rain.
a wonderful.
soft rain at first.
then a massive downpour.
we desperately needed the rain.
a few thunder clashes sounded.
so off went the modem.
and the computer was unplugged.
with the computer off.
i decided to run to leroy.
a small town to the south of me.
for razzasque days.
the rain let up and allowed the parade to start.
i took photos of faces.
i will share photos soon.
then off to tustin.
my little hometown.
where my hubby.
is doing a radio remote.
for the grand opening of.
a family dollar.
it is wonderfully warm and muggy.
and i have parked a fan.
behind me so i can edit photos.
happy shadow are found below!!
may you have a...
a moment of transcendent beauty today.
just BE.