Friday, April 21, 2017

...just BE. remember how to Love...

If you are lucky someday, you’ll stand, surrounded by people you know, 
or in the dark of night, quietly by yourself (it does not matter where exactly)
& Life will fill your whole self & it will spill out a little with each breath 
you take after that & you will give your promise to hold the world safe, for as long as it takes
& then, afterwards, you’ll go about your days, wondering what has changed
& you won’t see for a long time how it happens in small moments.

When you smile at someone you do not know. When you speak up,
though it is easier & quicker to just keep moving. When you stop & hold the hand 
of a friend who can no longer go on & you speak in a low voice that only 
she can hear & you say these words (or something like them): I would not want to be in a world without you in it.

& if you are lucky someday, maybe after one of these moments, you’ll understand
why Life filled your whole self & all you could do was open your arms to hold 
the world close & remember how to Love.

all my problems.
are solved.
sitting in this rocker.
keep it simple.
enjoy the moments.
just BE.

i hope you will join me.
today and every friday.
join me in this space to.
just BE.
shake off the ugly.
bask in the moments.
breathe in the truth.
and beauty.
that is there.
if you just look.

thanks for joining me.
invite your friends...
let's make the movement to
just BE.


Gemma Wiseman said...

Love the idea of just sitting quietly in your rocker...keeping your own rhythms flowing.

Sara Chapman in Seattle USA said...

What an unusual chair. Someone took a lot of time and love to make it.

betty-NZ said...

I just found your blog and your linky and will certainly be back!