Sunday, July 6, 2014


Moms come in all shapes & sizes, 
but they're pretty easy to recognize because
 they're the ones who teach you stuff all the time
 about how to be in the world & sometimes that sounds a lot like:
 chew with your mouth closed, sit still. stand up straight, be polite, Look them in the eye
. & sometimes it seems like that sort of thing doesn't add up to a whole lot. 
Until the day you feel the soft ache of love in your heart that makes you take care with a friend
 who hurts or when you look in a stranger's tired eyes & you stop & smile.
 Or when you listen to the ABC song for the thousandth time & you laugh & say 'again'
 & suddenly you understand that is the real thing moms do & it adds up to the whole world. 
i agree.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


Sylvia K said...

Ah, I do agree as well! Have a great new week, Robin!

Lisa Gordon said...

Robin, this is so beautiful.

Claire Justine said...

Beautiful shots ...