Friday, March 27, 2015 an instant...

It’s an old white house, with boards on the windows. 
This cannot be, you think, but there it is, even to 
the secret way inside, by the back stairs.

Hello, you say, is anybody here? hoping someone answers, 
but already knowing there’s only you, in that long hall with its invitation of doors.

You walk slowly, pushing through the slow breathing silence, 
until you stand before the last door.

You press against it & it sticks & for an instant you
 think Oh well, I tried & then suddenly, it opens & there’s 
a familiar smell, maybe lavender, or old newspaper. There’s 
a photograph with faded ink that says With love always, 
exactly like every other time you dreamed this all the days of your life.

I can’t say for sure what it’ll be. It’s different for everyone.

But, in an instant, who you were burns to ash & all 
that remains is an unbound pillar of flame.

Later, you slowly remember there are things called words, 
though they never mean what they did before you open that door 
& return as a wild thing barely contained by your skin.

week eleven.
tangible art.
it is amazing.
how the universe lines up sometimes.
my daughter had a build a calendar for free online offer.
so we did.
the photos i choose.
were the "wallpaper" i did of photos from twenty fourteen.
i just received the calendar in the mail.
and then.
this week.
kim is giving gentle encouragement.
to have our photographs.
made into prints.
i love this coincidence.
i did love seeing my work in print.
my heart is smiling.
thanks kim.
just BE.


Molly said...

Your calender is lovely. Each month, a joy.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

And I am there, smiling with you! How wonderful to collaborate with your daughter like this.