Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I know you don’t remember the exact day, 
but we all do & it felt to us like 
the whole world relaxed knowing it would all be fine, 
now that you were here.

the night we went in.
was a night like this.
a very wintery mix.
we were sure he was coming to meet us.
 he was our first.
what did we know.
we checked in.
they decided we could stay.
and in the wee hours.
on march fourth.
of nineteen eighty-nine.
we met (Steven) Kiel Thomas Goodenow
all nine pounds, seven and a half ounces.
there is fear in having your first baby.
are we ready?
can we do this?
what if...?
all those crazy ideas first time parents get in their heads.
from the bumps and bruises.
that first one hundred and three temp.
to the first girl who broke his heart.
the hopes, the dreams.
the ups, the downs.
...all the in-betweens.
dad shared this song with me.
and i want to share it with you.
because i have been your biggest fan.
for twenty-six years.
i have been through your lows.
i have heard your fears.
but i've always, always been able to see that beautiful smile.
i. believe. in. you.
Ask for more
if you're bitter still
Ask him to help you carry on."
all i can say is...
thank you, Father God.
for blessing us with this ride.
happy birthday my child!!!
i love you for always.
just BE.

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Molly said...

Love the pictures of your family. Where does all the time go?