Thursday, December 25, 2014

...something like magic...

something like magic
on remembering how to be alive
brian andreas

"Not long ago, I was at a sprawling party with a lot of people I didn't know. 
Halfway through  the night, I found myself a quiet place on a bench in the garden.
I'd been there a couple of minutes when a woman came down the path & sat at the far
end of bench. We nodded at each other. Neither of us spoke.
We sat in the dusk together & listened to the cricket songs & thought our own private thoughts.
After awhile, she stood up. 
Sometimes, she said, you just need to remember the most important thing.
Then she smiled & made her way back to the party.

Long after she left, her words floated quietly in the dark. It felt like she had 
given me something precious in those words:
you just need to remember the most important thing.

She didn't say find the most important thing. Or make a list with the most important
thing at the top. Or ask someone else what they think is the most important thing. No,
it was much, much simpler than that.
It was remember the most important thing. 

Because we already know what the most important thing is.
Our work here is to remember...

...I hope the stories here are a reminder to you. A reminder to stop & see the world again 
for the very first time. When you do & one day not long after,
your most important thing ripples through you like an immense wave of light,
I hope you'll see why I say it's something like magic.
Because you'll see it's been there all along in the heart of you,
waiting for you to remember you're alive now &
everything you are is LOVE."

my brian, gifted me this book for Christmas.
i will say it again.
i LOVE storypeople.
brian andreas.
this is a snippet of the preface.
for the rest of this year.
and into the next.
you just need to remember the most important thing.
I hope you've had a day of making memories.
that you will cherish.
for many days to come.
Merry Christmas.
just BE.

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Molly said...

Love that picture of your family, Robin and the words say it all. wishing you all a Happy 2015