Sunday, December 14, 2014


The other day Brian wrote a new story & put it on Instagram (& we like it so much we wanted you to see it here, too.) It’s called Clear Directions (This link will take you right to it!)

About an hour later, here’s a message he got from one of you:

I don't know if you have moments when you wonder if what you
are doing matters.

I wanted to tell you that your story about stopping and listening
mattered to me today. I heard my children's voices laughing,
fighting, bossing, laughing... And didn't feel tempted to give them
any direction, I just loved them madly.

'I just loved them madly'. We like that. Because with the holiday madness in full swing for all of us, we all need a reminder to simply stop & listen. To breathe in & out & let everything in your world wash over you & remember that the gift of life is amazing.

Sometimes it is as simple as having someone reach out & gently put their hand on your arm (or in a Facebook post, if you’re like us & happen to be very far away) & say Why don’t you just stop for a moment & take it all in?

Take in the happy chaos of fifteen conversations at once. The punctuations of laughter. The feel of the warm air on your face as the heat kicks in. The quiet moments when you look over at the people you love when they don’t know you’re watching. The way you just want to soak it all in.

We hope you take a moment & breathe that in. Just love them madly. & remember it’s a very good thing to be here together with the people you love…

That’s it. Carry on…:-)

with love,

The Crew at StoryPeople

thank you storypeople.
such a great reminder.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.

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