Sunday, August 12, 2012


brent james music
as i sit.
on the deck.
with the warmth.
of the sun.
the steam rising.
from my coffee cup.
the flag.
gently flowing.
in the breeze.
i am grateful.
that i am able to sit.
in my rocker.
and take in the beauty.
that is around me.
without fear.
i watch that flag.
and i am grateful.
for the freedom that it stands for.
and i am grateful.
for those who.
breathe in.
a moment of silence.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


Eaton Bennett said...

That last shot with coffee cup and fuchsia is gorgeous, love it. :))

Leah said...

hey pretty cool moving flag pics on the top...very fancy.
I love the shots with the red fallen bud on the white chippy chair the best.
Very reverent words.
From time to time I remind my children just how blessed we are to live in this country..and try to help them understand what it is like to live in other countries..though I myself can hardly relate or understand.

Paula Scott said...

I agree! Gratitude abounds and am in awe too, of those who fight for our freedom. Something to never take for granted.

Patti said...

Woah, I thought I was seeing things as I started to scroll and saw the flag moving!

And what is that kitty doing in the tree? ;-)

NatureFootstep said...

lots of nica shots but the favourite is the cat in the tree. :)


Your commentary/prose AND your photos, Robin, are always superior work!!! And this is no exception. I especially like the kitten up the tree, and the lone fuchsia blossom on the deck.