Saturday, July 7, 2012


I have an affection for a great city.
 I feel safe in the neighborhood of man, 
and enjoy the sweet security of the streets.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I think Chicago will be the most beautiful great city left in the world.
Frank Lloyd Wright

last week.
i was in chicago.
hunting for shadows.
i guess i tend to take.
off shot photos.
not so much of structure.
as things.
had a blast!!
 the crazy humidity.
is finally gone today.
it is 80 already.
but it has a coolness to it.
if that makes sense.
just BE.


colleen said...

Good eye and nice collection that moves the senses. I especially love the fence post shot.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed all your shots, as all I have seen is the airport, when I had a stopover on the way to Houston!

Sherri B. said...

What lovely city shots...I've always wanted to visit Chicago and hope to one day. I've repeatedly heard what a beautiful city it is. Thank you for sharing your day!

Ralph said...

Chicago is an amazing city, an urban jungle but in shadows, an urban oasis. The marquee with its numerous bulbs is a favorite, the traffic and lakeshore at dusk wonderful, the pier and porch places to relax as the rest of the busy city passes by. A magnificent place and artistic post!

Patti said...

Nice collection of shots from the Windy City.

I didn't see the post title and was wondering where the pix were taken!

Love the one with the little girl.

Happy shadow seeking this week, Robin ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love the softness of the wine glass shadows.
Looks like you had a fun time!

Paula Scott said...

I love your perspective! Such luscious moments that you've captured.

Beverley Baird said...

Loved all your shots and shadows - especially of the reflections!

MyMaracas said...

You have a great eye for detail. I really enjoyed the unusual perspectives in these shots

Gemma Wiseman said...

Love these Chicago images! Love the angled perspectives! A sense of spirit of place! That seems like an arty wall of water! And the little girl is adorable!

BLOGitse said...

I'd love to taste that wine! :)
I posted a wrong link to sss - we're back in Helsinki but posting still from Spain.
Happy Sunday!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Joy shines through every one of your shadowy shots. I can tell you had a wonder-filled time in the Windy City.

Delicate Desert Shadows

Dianne said...

wonderful poetic photos of one of my most favorite cities

Arti said...

Truly the cosmo city!! The pics are so very well captured, creative indeed!!

chubskulit said...

Gorgeous captures.

My Shadows
Have a blessed Sunday.