Sunday, July 29, 2012



they are survivors.
they walk.
they give.
so that... 
these ones...
may not have to endure. 
the life changing words.
you have cancer.
she gave her hair.
so someone will have it again.

this is the beautiful face of a survivor. 
as the sun sets.
the luminaries will glow.

(my dad's parents)
and a silent lap was taken.
for those we have lost.
for those who will never be forgotten. 
(my mom's dad) 

welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


Paula Scott said...

Powerful post!
We (our city) just did this walk a few weeks ago. If only more people would get involved...what a difference it would make.

Tilda said... see their names written in the luminaries, the people i loved so very much, brings on an steady stream of tears in remembrance of their days of cancer. to see the woman give up her hair so another may have hair, as i know our Sarah did the same thing with hair that was all down her back, for another she didn't know and never would... brings huge tears. thank you for walking. Mom

deb did it said...

I have chills reading this.
and oh that last mug shot, of that shadow!
You amaze me.