Monday, April 2, 2012

...dragonflies and waterbugs...

Dragonflies and Waterbugs

There was this group of waterbugs that lived in a pond.
 They were happy and enjoyed each other’s company,
 but they noticed that every once in a while
 a waterbug friend would go to the surface of the water and never return.
 They discussed this and wondered where their friends
 were going and why they never came back to tell of their adventures.
 One day the waterbugs decided that whoever went 
to the surface next would come back and tell all the other
 waterbug what he saw up there. Not too long 
after this a waterbug had the urge to swim to the surface.
 He swam as fast as he could and broke thru the surface of the water,
 where he found himself to be exhausted so he took a nap on a lily pad.
When he woke up he saw he was no longer a waterbug but a dragonfly.
 He started flying around and exploring and doing
 all these great things he never could do as a waterbug.
One day he looked down and saw his waterbug friends
 below the surface of the water and he remembered his promise to return.
 He tried to fly down to tell them about this great new world 
he was living in but he could not break the surface of the water. 
No matter how hard he tried he could not return to tell his friends
 that he was ok and happy in his new place. 
He could watch over them, but could not communicate with them.
 He could only wait for them to join him as a dragonfly.

Doris Stickney

just BE.


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Very nice post, and very appropriate considering your recent lose of Blue.

He is there, watching over you all and waiting for you to join him.

EG CameraGirl said...

This is an interesting reminder that those who pass on cannot come back to tell us what they found. :)