Sunday, April 8, 2012


“Life is the dancer and you are the dance.” 
― Eckhart TolleA New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
"the present moment 
is the field
on which the game of life happens."
"there are three words
that convey the secret
of the art of living,
the secret of all
success and happiness.
one with life."
"being one with life
is being one with now.
you then realize 
that you don't live your life,
but life lives you."
"life is the dancer,
and you are the dance."

the journey.
started thursday.
and  it's end today was and is
 the beginning.
simply stated. 
He gave us life.
to enjoy life through Him.
to live it to the fullest.
life is the dancer,
and you are the dance.
Father...thank you for inviting me
to the dance.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.

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Those newly 'sprung' fern frond images are so unusually beautiful!!! They definitely 'depict' Springs new birth!! Love your 'journey' prose!!! Poignant, your....'Just BE'!!!