Tuesday, March 27, 2012

...facts about blue...

things to know about blue.
1. he loved to play hide and seek. he would have you chase him into a room and then you were to run back and hide.  then he would sneak out from his hiding spot and come find you.  it was great fun and it keep us both entertained for quite awhile.
2. that's number two. what kind of cat wants to spend that amount of time with you playing hide and seek?!!
3. he loved wrestling with his big brother matthew. like actual bat at each other, roll on the floor wrestling.
4.  he would greet you every morning with a sound of brrttt. saying good morning to him was great but you better finish up in the bathroom so you could go find what he wanted.
5. most of the time what he wanted was for you to finish emptying your bladder...so you would put down the toilet seat cover, so that he could jump up on it, to the counter and wait for you to fill the sink with water so he could get a drink. (he had a water dish in the kitchen...but always preferred this ritual.)
he would patiently wait for you to brush your teeth, just hanging out on the side of the sink, for you to fill the sink with just enough water so that when he stepped in he wouldn't get his paws wet.
6. he was the lassy of the cat world. he had a wonderful language.  he would come and brrrtt at you until he got your attention. he was quite persistent until you got up to investigate his need.
one night, i wasn't giving him enough satisfaction so he went down to get dad in the mancave.  he made his noises at brian.  brian asked him what he needed.  did he want into brother kiel's room-no. they came upstairs. did he want a treat-no. to the dining room. did he want to go outside-no. down the hallway to our bedroom. YES that's what he wanted.  he brought brian to our bedroom to get his sissy out of his window because he wanted up there.  he even hopped up on the bed and put his feet up on the wall.
7. he would sit on the kids laps while they were eating their cereal and wait for them to finish so he could get a slurp of milk. he loved late night raids of the kitchen with brother kiel.
8.  he loved, loved, loved being outdoors. he hated the winter.  he looked forward to the snow melting beside the house so he could have a little patch of grass to run back and forth on.
9. for starting out as a town cat, he was quiet the mouser. while his sissy was out on some big adventure. he would patiently sit just inside the edge of the hay field or garden.  and i mean patiently. for hours.
10. he loved my lap. besides how he talked to us, i will miss this the most.
as i sat here at the computer, if i didn't notice him, he would make his noise and then stretch out his legs and put his paws on my leg until i backed up in my chair and made room for him.  i watched countless hours of tv over the years with my little buddy on my lap.  if i was content to sit. he was content to stay with me.
a couple of nights back, friday night. his sister for some reason-she never does this-crawled up on my lap. he was not happy. and came back several times to see if she was still there. i finally moved her off to go upstairs, i wasn't on the couch for two seconds before he was in my lap. i'm sure he gave sissy a "take that" sigh as he drifted off to sleep.
11. his long hair got clumpy in the spring. he hated to have his coat brushed. he would tolerate it just so long then he would wiggle out of my grasp.
12. when he was a town cat. he was on a tether on the clothesline. even tho he was fixed, i didn't want him running around town as he pleased.  well if he happened to sneak out the door while it was opened, we coaxed him back by shaking the cat treat container. we used that often over the years to locate him. 
well he turned this into going to the treat cupboard every time he came back into the house.  someone asked me "who had who trained?" he would go to the sliding door to be let out, go to the edge of the deck, turn around and come back in and head to the treat cupboard. and momma would give him a treat. always.
13. he was spoiled. he could be outside, sitting on the edge of the field or in another part of the house. all he would have to do was hear you open "the drawer", and he knew the drawer sounds, to the can opener. he would come on a dead run to the house-he knew you were making something to eat and he wanted to know what it was.  he never came running for the silverware drawer or the handiwrap drawer. huh?
and he would sit there and meow at you until you acknowledged him. or he would rub up against your legs being oh so affectionate. i love you momma, i love you daddy...what cha making?
14. he had a british accent when we talked for him. "oh bother"
15. he turned his daddy into a cat lover when he didn't know he was one. and he has broke his daddy's heart too,now that he is gone.
this has helped. writing these things down.
if you have made it this far, bless you. i didn't intend it for readers as much as i need it for me.
i came home tonight and went right out to where he is buried. and talked to him. and i cried some more.
i didn't think a person had that many tears in them...but i do.
this summer he will be in the shade of the ferns...a place he always loved to lay.
he would come out all warm and fuzzy from sleeping and smell of lemon from the plants planted there.
we all miss him terribly...
 this morning, brother matthew sat out on the porch and had his bowl of cereal with him. 

it is going to take a long time to heal from this little creature.
i love you blue bear.

just BE.


Cathy said...

What sweet,sweet memories of what looks like a wonderful furry friend. They grab our heart and don't let go. So sorry for you loss.

Connie Smiley said...

So sorry, what a loss. Sending hugs and sympathy.

Ralph said...

The facts are not mere recitations, but remembrances of family, a friend that affected everyone in your home. A fluffy feline that not only touches you, but us as well. That personality is well captured - and so precious...

Anonymous said...

I loved reading it all.
What a dear, dear friend.
So sorry...

Gemma Wiseman said...

I read every word! Cats become such friends...sometimes more than we realise. We think they depend on us, but somehow I think the scales are tilted a little...we depend on their beautiful spirits to give our spirits beauty. Blue sounds like a treasure... one that is always yours...always....Namaste!

Arti said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Lost for words. I came through Ms Becky's blog.