Sunday, March 6, 2011


Day has come
You're prepared
Electricity in the air
Feel the calm
Feel the rush
You want to leave victorious
Will you look in their eyes
They want you gone, they want the prize
When day is done, risk it all
One will stand, and one will fall

Seal the deal
Get it done
Earn the right to say you've won
Work it out
Someones gonna have to pay the price
Face to face
Stand your ground
Stay in the zone, now don't back down
More than pride
You depend
Fighting hard 'til the very end 
When you learn to lose
You'll know what it takes to win
Wanna go the distance
With a hunger that never ends
When you want to prove
You're the best that's ever been
They can knock you down
You're on your feet again
'Cause you know what it takes
What it takes to win 

When you share the dream
There's no "I" in team
Let the spirit take you higher
It's a state of mind
No one can define
There's no limit to desire 
left: Tiffany Waldfogel, Sarah Goodenow, Miranda Nelson, Molly Motzer

"what it takes to win"
 by journey
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district champs.
we could not be prouder.
they continue on.
their journey is not over yet.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


forgetmenot said...

What a wonderful poem on "winning"
Looks like you had a winner!! Congratulations--hope they continue to do well. Mickie

madrekarin said...

YAY!!!!Congratulations, Sarah and all of your team mates. That's awesome! :)

deb did it said...

what a thrill...we are going to watch my nephew play basketball State Championship (high school) playoffs tonight in Austin....oh to be around all that energy...Congrats Sarah!

lisa said...

What a beautiful post and wonderful memory Sarah!