Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 4th 2009...

from 20 years ago today...

March 3, 1989 11:30

Last night (3/2) had sharp pains in my lower abdomen and the pain in my groin area, which the Dr. said were the joints moving, preparing for birth. After about 45 minutes of this discomfort, I laid on my left side and the pain went away. Spent the night on the couch as it was more comfortable than the waterbed, also didn’t want to disturb Brian.
Today I have had discomfort again, starting at 9am in the lower abdomen and slightly in my back. I have been drinking a lot of water, keeping my bladder empty,and laying on my left side. Even as I am writing I continue to have discomfort.
The day is snowy and blowing. Several schools up North have closed.
I am waiting to call Brian until later this afternoon to see if the discomfort goes away..
1:00 pain stopped – called Brian-weather getting worse outside….
7:30 –(Brian took over the journaling) checked into hospital. (Roads are terrible!) Robin is dilated to about “3”, but nurse says everything is coming along nicely. Fetal monitor hooked up, heartbeat is very good. (checked in on “hold” basis. If nothing happens in about 24 hrs, we get discharged.) Contractions about 4 minutes apart, and getting harder.
8:30pm – Contractions are getting quite a bit harder and more frequent. Nurse says we’ll likely go from “holding bed” to regular admission.
9:30pm – contractions getting harder. Robin is doing a great job of breathing through them! Brian is feeling inadequate.
10:00pm Dilated to “5”. Nurses say Robin is doing great!!
11:05pm Water broke!
11:17pm Started to feel pushy!
11:45pm Demerol for pain.
12:20am MARCH 4, 1989 - Started pushing during contractions
2:00am Dr. Came in, but…Is delivering one next door!!! (she was much more vocal and more demanding than Robin.)
2:14 BABY BOY!!!

Steven Kiel Thomas Goodenow
Happy Birthday today, to our first born son!!
I love you, I am so proud of you, I am blessed to have you as my son!!


Sweet Repose said...

Happy late Birthday Steven, I'm glad I stopped by, my Dads' birthday is today. Funny how the pain goes away through the years as we watch our babies grow and have their own babies...good memories.

We have been so lucky this year with the snows...last year was a bitch!!! COME ON SPRING!!!

joanne said...

what a wonderful reflection to look back on...to see the words you both recorded as you welcomed your first baby into your lives...

happy birth day to all of you :)

deb did it said...

what a wonderful tribute and memory!and such a handsome young man. I have a 26 year old Baby Boy!