Thursday, March 26, 2009

...give it a voice...

i know you have big, beautiful, dangerous, exhilarating, far-flung, impossible dreams
that you keep tucked away.
you think so many things stand in your way
of finding those dreams,
those hopes,
those wishes...
of finding the YOU that you desire.
you think it's too soon,
it's too late,
it's too hard,
it's too crazy...
but all of that is about to change.
the greatest journeys begin with a single step.
sometimes that first step is the magical leap
a dream takes from the dark,
silent depths of your heart to the brilliant light and sound of the spoken word.
some say that once spoken, a sound never dies.
like ripples on a pond from a tossed stone,
it reverberates on and on,
back and forth, forever.
that sound vibrates, spreads out, touches, finds resonance and harmonies,
sets events in motion.
today, take the first step of the long journey and make your dreams known by
giving them voice,
after this, neither you nor your world will ever be the same again.
so take a few moments to prepare. take a deep breath, slowly in, slowly out.
pick up that smooth, cool stone that has been hidden in your soul for so long and prepare to shatter the still, glassy status quo forever.
now close your eyes and complete the most important sentence you may ever speak.
i am...

borrowed from the book
live like you were dying-tim nichols and craig wiseman.

just BE.

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