Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today the letter is F........

"F" is for fog. And "I" would be for ice. And "H" would be for hill. And "S" would be for stuck. And "A" would be for angry that I would have to go out on this day to pick up my daughter from basketball practice that she is unable to participate in because she has a sprained ankle!!!! Wow...sorry for the run on sentence. To continue. "A" is for ashes that we threw under the tires that were on the ice. "S" is for the shovel that dug out the tires that were in the wet snow. "D" is for dumb!!! Dumb me who took my 4-wheel drive out of 4-wheel drive when I got on the pavement and didn't put it back when I got back on the ice. HOWEVER!!! I had the 4-wheel drive ON when I went out to the High School...and I was still sliding...see the word we need to concentrate on here is ICE. NO 4-wheel drive in the world is going to keep me from sliding on the ice. It would have, however, probably gotten me up the hill!! I called my husband...who is driving in the fog, 2 + hours away to watch basketball today...and he says..."You didn't make it up in 4-wheel drive? I did earlier!!" Which lends me to look...and of course, I'm NOT in 4-wheel drive. To which I said...I gotta go!!! Now calling him on the phone to complain that you are stuck, and to complain that you shouldn't be out there in the first place...doesn't bring any gratification when you don't have your vehicle in 4-wheel drive. So just let this be a lesson to you!!
By the's 50 degrees here in Northern Michigan today!! Dripping drops of rain does not sound as pleasant in the winter as it does in the spring and summer. Yes, I was out taking pictures all the same. A photo op, is a photo op, is a photo op. If you go to High Button Shoe later I will have pictures up in "Farm Update". I leave you now...trying to find the right words to text my the game...that I indeed did not have my 4-wheel drive on!!


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