Saturday, December 13, 2008


The beginning of WISDOM is
The second step is listening.
This is our cat Blue, named for his beautiful, often sleepy looking, eyes.
He happened into our lives four years ago.
I was in the bathroom getting ready to head to Ludington, (Lake Michigan)
with the family...when I
heard a tiny meow.
I went outside to my flowerbed to discover this tiny little creature there.
He had the look of Oscar the Grouch...he
wasn't sure he wanted to come out to us...but with the
coaxing of a bowl of warm milk and us backing away...he did.
We left to enjoy a day at the beach and when we returned that night
he was gone!! We lived in town...He was a Town Stray!!!
But to our delight he was back in the same spot in my flowers the next day!!
More warm milk and bread!! We inched our way closer to
him as he drank...we won him over!! We were hooked... he was ours.
Actually...I'm saying he, him...we thought he was a girl until one day when he decided to perform his "boy act" on my arm!!! Hubby told me I was crazy!!! I said...I'm pretty sure I know what one of those things are!!!
He is a house cat. In one of the pictures you can see a ring on his collar. He goes outdoors on a leash!! When we lived in town...I did not want him being the cat about he has always know the leash. He has it now out here in the country also.
He appears to be a chocolate, Himalayan Persian...but I think it is more of a "mutt" with all the characteristics of the more exotic breeding line.
So that is my story of Blue. No matter what...we love him...he tolerates we humans in his life.
It's snowing again's a good day to have a chocolate himalayan persian in my life to sit on the couch watching the snow fall with.

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