Friday, July 28, 2017

...just BE. her smile...

her smile makes me smile.
her laugh is infectious.
her heart is pure and true.
above all, i love that she is my daughter.

she wants succulents.
for her february wedding.
i am going to make.
sarah smiles...
just BE.

i hope you will join me.
today and every friday.
join me in this space to.
just BE.
shake off the ugly.
bask in the moments.
breathe in the truth.
and beauty.
that is there.
if you just look.

thanks for joining me.
invite your friends...
let's make the movement to
just BE.

1 comment:

Klara S said...

Beautiful words. I love my daughter's smile :-) it's the best thing ever!
Thank you for hosting. Greetings from Poland.