Wednesday, November 9, 2016

...fifty two...

StoryPeople by Brian Andreas

The divide in our country has never been more sharp or clear as it is this morning. One of the first conversations Fia & I had this morning was this: we've said for awhile now that this is the work we choose to do, loving the whole world. Not excusing it, or justifying it, or complaining about it. Where there is fear, love. Where there is anger, love. Where there are people marginalized & unheard, love. Not a passive standing-by version of love, but love actively asking What can I do now?
Because from our perspective, this is exactly what we've been up to & now there's no real question for us about who we choose to be.
So, this. I originally wrote this for the opening in our hearts that came with 9/11. It seems to have a whole new meaning this morning, but still, it stands. We all get to make the choice to hold our whole world in arms of love...
with love for us all,
brian & fia

in these days,
we still choose
to walk like giants
& and hold the world
in arms 
grown strong with love.

& there will be many things
we forgot in the days to come,
but this will not be one of them...

at the end of the day.
chose love.
you, and you only.
can determine your attitude.
end of story.
just BE.

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