Saturday, May 9, 2015

...Be Still. weeks fifteen and sixteen.

...from kim.
 Still life…..
allows us to slow down….see, breathe… think…. 
Perhaps, you might think of your still-life as real-life moments…..

capturing the quiet happening around you…..
Maybe not always… perhaps just now and then…..
Take a break from styling…and simply capture calm.

inner excavation-liz lamoreux

Q:  when i see the ugliness in myself, i do not know how to accept it. i try to avoid it or change it rather than accept it.

A:  well, you do not have to hide it. you do not have to change it. investigate it further. when you see the ugliness in yourself, that is just a preconception. you see it as ugliness, which is still connected with the ideas of "good" and "bad." but you have to transcend even those words, "good" and "bad." you have to get beyond words and conceptualized ideas and just get into what you are, deeper and deeper. the first glimpse is not quite enough: you have to examine the details without judging, without using words and concepts.

 opening to oneself fully is opening to the world.
Chogyam Trungpa

weeks fifteen and sixteen.
{still life, real life}
{sharper focus}
still life.
real life.
is more me.
i stage differently as a rule.
while this course has us bringing stillness in.
staging inside.
my meditation, my stillness.
is found outside.
belly crawling to catch that dandelion wisp mid air.
or waiting for that bee to take flight.
or finding that empty chrysalis that housed new life. 
is found in many forms.
there is not right way or wrong way.
finding stillness.
 just is.
finding stillness is the important thing. always.
just BE.


Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

True-there is no right way or wrong way to find stillness. But, I think it does involve some degree of mindfulness (for me it does!)-the stepping off of the treadmill that we call life so that we can be in that one still moment.
And, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the lovely gift-it draws me closer to the art of learning to 'just be'.

colleen said...

Is that a cup of joy? My favorite Mitch Albom book is still Tuesdays with Morrie.