Saturday, January 17, 2015 still-week one...

learning how 
to be still, to 
be really still
and let life happen-
that stillness
becomes a
morgan freeman

i chose.
back when i started.
this space. still frame.
it spoke me to then.
and the concept.
of one still frame.
continues to stir my soul.
i have grown.
in my journey.
to just BE.
my style.
in photography has grown.
my desire to inspire others.
i gifted myself.
to "be still" fifty-two.
and many others.
so that i may continue.
to breathe in the stillness.
as i continue my journey.
just BE.


Nancy said...

Hi Robin, I am a fellow Be Still class member. Your blog is so lovely. I too want to continue my journey in stillness and I am excited about all this class will entail. I love the Psalms and especially the verse you quoted in your profile....

Marilyn said...

Beautiful….and I love your one still frame header!

Anonymous said...

Love your choice! I'm also a BeStill member. Look forward to seeing more of your photos!

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Yes-I chose to BeStill and BE in the moment and to celebrate the mundane. Our/my mission statement. Missing you on SSS2...