Sunday, November 30, 2014


open arms

If you are lucky someday, you’ll stand, surrounded by people you know, or in the dark of night, quietly by yourself (it does not matter where exactly) & Life will fill your whole self &
 it will spill out a little with each breath you take
 after that & you will give your promise to hold the world safe, for as long as it takes

& then, afterwards, you’ll go about your days, wondering what has changed & you won’t see for a long time how it happens in small moments.

When you smile at someone you do not know. When you speak up, though it is easier 
& quicker to just keep moving. 
When you stop & hold the hand of a friend who can no longer go on 
& you speak in a low voice that only she can 
hear & you say these words (or something like them):
I would not want to be in a world without you in it.

& if you are lucky someday, maybe after one of these moments,
 you’ll understand why Life filled your whole self 
& all you could do was open your arms to hold the world close 
& remember how to Love.

last night we had an alumni basketball night.
my husband is the varsity boys basketball coach.
 he had a vision.
and the help of many.
 brought the spirit and life.
 back to the gym.
the way it use to be.
when we alumni walked those floors.
it was an amazing night.
filled with laughter and love.
for the past, present and future.
my photos, today.
are those of november.
from '09, '10, and '11.
we are looking at 2015 approaching quickly.
my how the time has flown.
embrace the moments.
they are the memories that build who you are.
they are the times that carry you through.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

So glad that it was an amazing night! Lovely series of shots :)