Thursday, January 2, 2014 in the moment...

take today and make it count.
listen to your heart and take action now.
today is here.
tomorrow is not promised but is anticipated with much hope.
all that you do, say and feel sets the stage for the future
so remember that this moment has the power
to ensure tomorrow's happiness.
adorn yourself with the Live in the Moment Charm
and open yourself up to the opportunities in today.


you may have seen their commercial.
last year during the super bowl.
i ordered a best friend set.
and i sent "friend" to my bestie.
for her birthday.
and kept "best" for myself.
well this year.
the other half of my bracelet.
gave me this bracelet for my birthday.
i just LOVE it.
i took a photo of it for the prompt at.
it seemed like a good reminder.
to start the new year.
just BE.


Sylvia K said...

Such wise words and thank you, Robin, for the reminder!! Beautiful bracelet, too!! Hope your new year is off to a great start!! It does sound as though it is!!


Gallery Juana said...

I love how you took this in black and white and the beautiful reminder to drink in each moment.

Happy New Year and best wishes as well.

Oman said...

I couldn't agree more. Throw your worries and pessimism and just live by the moment and appreciate every second that pass you by.

Happy new year.

Sarah Dahl said...

Great photo and great words!

Thanks for sharing!