Wednesday, May 1, 2013

...week two of 52 photos project...

i used to be pretty clear on what was real
 & what i made up,
 but with everything going on in the world,
 none of that seems to matter,
 so I just decided to talk less
 & smile to myself more,
 so as not to add to the general confusion

week two of.
i was very excited.
when i went out.
Sunday morning to see the daffodils.
had bloomed.
i was even more excited.
to see the little bees inside.
as this week's theme.
is microscopic.
but then.
as i was walking around.
looking for things.
i took a photo of this nail.
and i just loved.
this SOOC look.
so that is my first choice to submit today.
hoping you are having beautiful moments today.
just BE.


Sylvia K said...

Exquisite capture of an exquisite flower and I love the happy bee! Hope your week is going well, Robin!

Prairie Jill said...

Beautiful images! I love the shot of the nail - wonderful depth of field.

Susan said...


Lisa Gordon said...

A truly wonderful quote, Robin, and your photographs are beautiful.

Happy Day to you.

Anonymous said...

I love both photos. Noticing the small things, the little details, makes life more interesting.

Linda W. said...

Wow I really like your second photo of the bees in the flowers. Very nice details and color.

annie said...

I love both photos! Nice!

Bella said...

Oh, these are so lovely! Thank you for sharing to {microscopic}!