Sunday, February 10, 2013


this one is SOOC, no playing with this one. this is all mother nature at minus four.



the minute you begin
to do what you really
want to do,
it's really a different 
kind of life.
~buckminster fuller

having that conversation.
with yourself.
is hard.
can i really do.
what i want to do.
it is easy to let.
self doubt creep in.
so maybe.
you start with baby steps.
nobody said you had to jump in feet first.
you are never going to know.
until you try.
what would you do.
if you had no worries.
no self doubt.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


Margaret Gosden said...

Thank you! Lovely macros - I can't do those so well!!!

Molly said...

Robin, your pictures are beautiful and so are your words. 'Be'

colleen said...

I love the journey of emotions that your photographs send me on. The cross-eyed cat made me chuckle. The rest made me smile and breath.


"mother nature at minus four" is a phenomenal photo, with the action of it all. Great timing. And oh, the I love cats. Each and every photo, Robin, is picture post card perfect.