Saturday, December 29, 2012 is here and it is now...

life is here and it is now...
either we meet it
we live it or we miss it.
all life resides in the narrow margin 
and the broad expanse of the moment.
it is in the doing, the dreaming, the feeling and the caring.
it is always present in a glorious attempt,
a lofty dream a brilliant insight, an irreplaceable experience,
a calming breath, an unbelievable feeling
and an irrepressible passion.

an unlived life is littered with "could haves,"
"should haves" and "if onlys." 
each moment greets us full of possibility 
and leaves us hoping we are better for having met.
while it is true that we only have right now,
there will never be a time when it's not now.
grandma Moses said it best:
"life is what we make it, always has been and always will be."
~yobi yamada

in leaving a family Christmas.
 my sister-in-law.
hands me a birthday gift.
i wait until we are home to open it.
as i open the bag.
i pull out a round, colorful box.
 that houses a glass.
with happy birthday written on it.
a tin of yummy cookies.
wrapped in tissue,
with the first word i see as i push the tissue away.
my mouth dropped.
i could not believe it.
i let out a happy gasp.
and did a happy dance right there in the dining room.
is it right for a forty-eight year old to act this way.
over a book.
that has pages.
that speak to what is in my heart.
 the answer is.
a resounding.
this gift could not have been more perfect.
a simple book.
where the cover simply states.
thank you tresa.
i love you girl.
light + objects=shadows
here is to a NEW YEAR.
a new year to.
just BE.


Patti said...

Love the poem you chose to share, Robin. Life is what we make it.

The book is a wonderful birthday present that I know you will fill with your creative writings!

Looks like we both have Christmastime birthdays. Fellow Capricorns ~ Happy Birthday to us!

Sylvia K said...

Happy Birthday, Robin!! What a wonderful way to begin a new year!! And the perfect gift and shadow shot as well!!! Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!! Enjoy!


Ralph said...

Life is beautiful as we savor the great things as well as what disappoints. We savor taking that chance for greatness but are happy to start anew with the same hope. The act of being, of life is glorious. Happy New Year!

Paula Scott said...

Ahhhhhh! So sweet! What an amazing SIL to know you well enough to get this for you! That so rocks!

Molly said...

Two little letters. One little word - Be - a perfect thoughtful present wrapped up in a beautiful book. Robin fill your birthday/Christmas present with all the lovely things you say. Happy (belated) birthday from me xx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Robin girl a VERY Happy Birthday and what a wonderful heart felt present to receive !.. I actually gasped at your shadow shot with the "be" embossed on the book .. it is beautiful.
Hey a VERY Happy New Year too girl: )

Gemma Wiseman said...

That is a gift that speaks not of material things but of the treasures of the spirit! Your SIL knows your inner wealth well! So very beautiful!

NatureFootstep said...

seems like a nice gift. :)

colleen said...

A very compelling message and I love the yin yang of light and shadow.

Dianne said...

the book is beautiful!

Beverley Baird said...

What a beautiful gift to receive! A perfect choice! Happy birthday!
Love the shadow as well, that forces the eye to focus on that one special word.